My Automation Setup: Tools i use for web automation

My Automation Setup: Tools i use for web automation

Programming Language


Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, Ruby all of these can be used for automation but i personally prefer python due to it's easy syntax, less configuration than other languages, clean documentation, and huge community.



Selenium is a powerful package provided by python. you can download it from repository -> here.
You can find this awesome documentation where you can learn everything about selenium. -> here


webdriver-manager automatically downloads the compatible driver according to your browser version. Download this package from here
It often happens that selenium throws error such as chrome driver does not support version v.84. therefore it is a very useful package, you don't need to take care about driver and browser version mismatch.

Code Editor & Extensions

VS code

Visual Studio Code, is a source-code editor supported by Windows, Linux, Mac Os. It has awesome features such as debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git.

One Dark Pro

One Dark Pro is a awesome dark theme extension which helps me to write better code and improve my productivity, and focus.


Prettier extension helps to format code. You have to enable the setting from vs code format on save after enabling this feature vs code will automatically format your code on save.


Git Bash

Git Bash is one tool that provides command line features in the Windows Operating System to end-users



Notion is one of the best for documentation. One should always document your code. Download it from here Documentation must include

  • Manual flow of automation
  • Automation approach and steps
  • Code


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